<div class="fs-review-summary"><div class="fs-rating-summary"><span class="fs-rating-component">Rated&nbsp;</span><div class='fs-rating-component fs-stars rating'> <div class='value-title' title='4.8' style='width: 96%'></div> <meta itemprop="rating" content="4.8"/> </div> <span class="rating component">&nbsp;based on <span itemprop="votes" class="votes">20</span> ratings</span> </div> <div class='fs-featured-reviews'><div class='fs-featured-review fs-active'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post46'>Excellent Knowledge</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I was in great need of a deep tissue massage and left your studio yesterday with much relief from my back and shoulder pain. Today I just recommended you...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post47'>couples massage</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Both therapists did a wonderful job. Will definitely return next time I am in Breckenridge. Sessions reasonably priced.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post48'>One of the best massages ever</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Andrea is a fantastic therapist. I have had massages all over the world. She is fantasitc! One of the best. Facitlity is clean and comfortable. Music is...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post49'>Great choice!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>There are many massage choices in Breck but my wife and I are so happy we chose Andrea. We each got a massage (Swedish for me and Deep Tissue for my wife)...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post51'>Andrea is awesome!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Had a body detox package and a Thai facial. They were both amazing. Andrea was very professional and knowledgable in her craft. Will visit again.</p> </div> </div><a href='/reviews/?view=bare' class='fs-more-reviews'>More reviews</a></div>